and now that you are convinced, let's talk about the practicalities:

Everyone wants to get to Bergen, but HOW?!

Start by checking your favourite flight companies  for flights to BGO Bergen Flesland. 

If you don't like your results check out one of the many flight search engines such as or

If you still don't like the answers you find and want to find something cheaper, try to mark Oslo as your destination - from Oslo Gardemoen Ariport there are many relatively cheap flights over to Bergen. 

If you still don't like the answers, you could consider to embark on one of the world's most beautiful train rides from Oslo to Bergen.  Or if you really want to experience travelling like in the old days, then why not take the train all the way? It's actually possible! Or maybe drive all the way. There is also a ferry connection between Hirtshals in Denmark and Stavanger/Bergen on the Norwegian West Coast.

Once you arrive at the airport simply hop on board the light rail for 4 EUR and arrive at the station called Nonneseter, cross through the train station and you're at the dancing venue. If you arrive by train, then you will arrive at the train station, and also at the venue. If you are travelling by car - google maps it - Hotel Terminus ;)

The possibilities are many - and in the end, when you really think about it, all roads lead to Bergen. 

And once you get to Bergen, you'll need to stay overnight a couple of days, but where?!

You might be the kind of dancer that really enjoys walking in your slippers from your hotel room to the dance floor. If you are not, then we still think that the Hotel where we dance is one of the best options in town. And Grand Hotel Terminus that hosts our dancing event already reserved rooms for our tango dancers at a discounted rate at. Please book before June 5th through email or phone. 

The discount code does not work through the online booking system.

NOK 1350/1550 per night for single/double room with good breakfast buffet.

Discount booking code: 4091542

Phone: +47 5521 2550


Other (economy) options in comments below, within short walking distance from the dance venue. overview for the dates

One of the most affordable cheapest options available might be to share an AirBnB property with others overview for the dates

And if all of the above are still too expensive to you, you can always sleep in a hammoc over the world's prettiest view:

🤩We are excited! Are you as well?😏

register using this Google form: 

And start planning!!! 


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